The Award
People Involved

Board of Directors
The board consists of seven members located across Canada. These board members have previously demonstrated community leadership in fostering positive race relations initiatives:

Ms. Heather Acres – Flin Flon, Manitoba
Mr. Cornelius Ballentyne – Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan
Dr. David Malcolm –Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Ms. Marge Nainaar - Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
Mr. Raymond Sunstrum - Aylmer, Quebec
Ms. Romola Trebilcock - Kanata, Ontario
Mr. Fred Hines - Edmonton, Alberta

Project Manager & Chairperson
Heather Acres, Flin Flon, Manitoba is the founder of The Wolf Project. She carries out the managerial duties to meet the mandate of the board.

Special Advisor
Mrs. Beatrice MacTavish of Aylmer, Quebec and Elder William Commanda of Kitigan Zibi First Nation, Quebec are Special Advisors to The Wolf Project. They are highly honoured members as they possess extensive race unity expertise and help to bring insight and wisdom to the organization.

The Wolf Carriers
The Wolf Carriers are partnering organizations or trustworthy individuals that identify distinctive initiatives that promote racial harmony. They help to submit nominations to the Board of Directors. They often participate in the functions where they help to present the wolf award and learn more about what they can do to prevent racism.

Although the Board Members, the Project Manager and the Wolf Carriers are all volunteers, The Wolf Project has enjoyed the energy and creativity of numerous other volunteers. These volunteers help out in several ways:

•Prepare the Wolves
•Transport Wolves
•Write newsletters and brochures
•Assist with the creation of promotional items
•Coordinate Award Ceremony functions and education events
•Promote The Wolf