The Award
People Involved

The Wolf Project was established to honour the activities that serve to improve harmony between cultures and races.

Those that demonstrate excellence working toward enhancing respect and understanding between cultures and races will be eligible to receive The Wolf Award.

This Wolf Award is to serve as a reminder to never give up the dream of unity.

Why the Wolf?
How you can Participate
Unique Aspects of The Wolf Project

Why the Wolf?

  • It is a powerful symbol.
  • A wolf howls, announcing to all that a special event has occurred. This howl is an invitation for all to join in.
  • Like many cultural groups the wolf has suffered from tremendous persecution at times which has been based on fear and ignorance.
  • Wolves, being highly social animals, serve as a reminder that survival depends upon working together.

How You Can Participate

  • Initiate a project that will promote racial harmony
  • Submit a nomination form for an award
  • Make a donation to The Wolf Project

Unique Aspects of The Wolf Project

  • The Wolf Project was developed through a grassroots initiative.
  • The Wolf Project provides a resource for others to use to promote unity.
  • All people who improve race unity are considered. You can be a President of a country or a child in a playground to be eligible for an award.
  • The nominating group or individual usually assists with the presentation.
  • Partnerships and community participation is a major guiding principle of The Wolf Project.
  • There is no limit on the number of wolf awards that are given out in a year. The Wolf Project simply wants to bestow honour where it is due.
  • The Wolf Project has found a creative and innovative way to provide a learning environment that promotes unity.
  • The Wolf Project recognizes that racial and cultural unity will be one of the major global issues of the 21st century.